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History of Virginia St & Best Bet Motor Lodge


South Virginia Street

From the 1930s through 1960s, the corridor underwent a transformation into a bustling urban thoroughfare, with charming family-oriented motels joining the landscape in the 1950s. (Information by Reno Historical)
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Ox-Bow Motor Lodge

OX-Bow Motor Lodge

The Ox-Bow Motor Lodge opened at 941 S. Virginia Street in 1958. It was the last of three Reno motels to be constructed by Sidney Leggett, the owner of a local outdoor advertising agency who had previously opened the Sutro Motel on East 4th Street in 1951 and the Ho Hum Motel just a few blocks south at 1025 S. Virginia Street in 1953. Sid Leggett was one of Reno’s original ad men. For years, Leggett operated as the town’s sole “posting plant,” the only business renting billboard space by the month. Leggett purchased the pieces of property where the signs would be erected, in the process acquiring many pieces of land on the area’s major thoroughfares.


In the 1970’s Motor lodges took advantage of the postwar surge in motor travel, especially to Reno – which brought all sorts of visitors to Reno to gamble, get a quick divorce, take family road trips, or experience the area’s recreational and scenic amenities.
 The location was ideal, as South Virginia Street was not just a busy thoroughfare but served as the north-south highway through town until the construction of U.S. 395/580 in the 1970s. It featured 27 rooms, each with tiled bathrooms and individual controls for air conditioning and heat. Its roof was laid with Spanish-style red barrel tiles. The motel operated under the same name until the early 2000s, when it was renamed Best Bet Motor Lodge. (Information by Reno Historical)
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Best Bet Motor Lodge 2020

Best Bet Motor Lodge

The building became vacant preparing for a renovation.

New Beginnings

The property was sold in February 2023, we start dreaming to new vision.
New Beginnings
Renovation Starts

Renovation Starts

Bringing our new vision to life, renovation began in May of 2023.

Open For Bookings

Best Bet Motor Lodge reopens for business with a full renovation offering 21 rooms, 7 room types, Sauna, Cold Plunge Pool, and two patios for use by both hotel guests and patrons of Midtown Reno.
2024 Best Bet Motor Lodge

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